#ShareWhyYouCare – Supporting Care Hires

Workers in the Care industry are some of the unsung heroes of the modern healthcare world, so Care Hires want to invite you to #ShareWhyYouCare on your favourite social media channels! We want to show the world what an important, fulfilling and compassionate career the Care industry can provide, so use the hashtag #ShareWhyYouCare and share your stories! ...

Kate and Vincent

Kate’s son Vincent, who has autism, needed a safe space to play at home. After applying for a Disabled Facilities Grant and being awarded a CWC grant, Kate can make her garden safe for Vincent to enjoy water games and trampolining.

Lauren’s story

Lauren was 12 years into her career in care when she fled domestic violence with her son. She had to reduce her hours at work and was living in temporary accommodation. Lauren was supported by her local council in finding a permanent property a few miles away from her son’s school. However, the property was unfurnished and the floorboards were bare. After completing an application, we awarded Lauren a grant to pay for the installation of carpets.

Rachel’s story

Rachel’s world was turned upside down when her son had an accident, leaving him in hospital for two weeks. Receiving an income wasn’t Rachel’s priority at the time, but lacking a sustainable income meant she was struggling to keep top of her bills and she was barely eating. The Care Workers Charity awarded Rachel a grant to help keep up with essential living costs and travel arrangements to the hospital.

Lorraine’s story

Lorraine begun her career in care aged 19 and since then, has specialised in caring for adults with profound and multiple learning disabilities and has also become an experienced dementia practitioner. Lorraine’s disabled facilities grant was not going to cover the costs of the home adaptations she needed to live independently in her own home, so Lorraine approached CWC.

Bridget’s story

Bridget was left in a desperate situation when she had little resource to pay for a flight to Zambia so she could provide care for her critically ill Mother.

Jacqui’s story

Jacqui has dedicated 20 years of her career to caring for other people and did not imagine a time where she would be the one asking for support. Jacqui was keen to share her story and reassure other colleagues that seeking support is nothing to feel shameful about.

Dana’s story

Dana was advised by Victim Support to secure new accommodation with her baby son after enduring extensive domestic abuse. We helped Dana transform her house into a home.

Claire and Georgie’s story

Claire’s daughter, Georgie, has a condition that requires huge amounts of care and physiotherapy. Attending numerous appointments was impacting heavily on work and family life. The Care Workers Charity was able to support Claire to build a home physiotherapy room for Georgie to receive her daily treatment.

Vienna’s Story

Due to increasingly painful rheumatoid arthritis, Vienna became unable to wash using her bath. Fear of what friends, colleagues and those she cares for would think when they hugged and smelt her, led her to become isolated. The Care Workers Charity awarded a grant to help Vienna regain her confidence with a walk-in shower.