Esme’s story

Esme went through a rough patch in her life, when she was forced to sell her house after being made redundant and out of work for a year. The move from her home to rented accommodation was tough on Esme, and the process left her without many basic items she had previously been able to rely upon. The Care Workers Charity was able to support Esme with some essential home furnishings.

Mrs W’s story

Mrs W lost her husband under incredibly traumatic circumstances and her applications for bereavement benefit and social funding were declined. Thankfully she was able to receive a grant from us to cover the funeral costs. This had an immediate effect in improving Mrs W’s quality of life, as well has her family’s.

Pete’s story

Pete and his wife have worked in the care sector for over 10 years as support workers and have been part of organisations including Community Integrated Care and Four Seasons Care Group. With numerous health issues and mounting debts, the family approached The Care Workers Charity to help with the cost of new beds and bedding for their children and new born baby.

Ms. Jones’s story

Ms Jones has been a dedicated employee within her care home for 20 years but had to reduce her hours when she fell pregnant and her husband moved out. A sudden leak in her kitchen roof was threatening the basic safety and security of her and her children.

Caroline and Brendan’s story

Brendan was an accomplished writer before his surgery but started spending his days lying in bed listening to the radio when he lost his mobility. We were delighted to purchase Brendan a new laptop, so he could pursue his passion again.