Hardship grants awarded in 2018


The number of care workers, making up one of Britain's largest workforces


Agreed or strongly agreed that the grant prevented them from falling into financial hardship


New Executive Director

Previously CEO of Nacas Karolina took up her position at the Care Workers Charity on the 23rd March to work on policy and campaigning, including research and the Professional Care Workers’ Day to the Care Workers Charity.

Going the extra mile in ‘Avery’ way

Avery Healthcare has been a great supporter of the charity for a number of years. As a partner and sponsor of CWC, so far they have raised over £50,000 to help support care workers across the UK.

‘The Extra Mile’ Poem

We are excited to publish another poem from our care worker writing competition. This poem was submitted by Rebecca Skermer and provides a touching account of what it means to work in care.