Hardship grants awarded in 2018


The number of care workers, making up one of Britain's largest workforces


Agreed or strongly agreed that the grant prevented them from falling into financial hardship


How to manage mental health in a Pandemic

In a Pandemic, which has claimed over 36,000 lives in the UK, it is not just physical health that has been impacted upon, but mental wellbeing too. A recent paper published by The Centre for Mental Health provides a powerful illustration of what might be to come.

One million pound target hit

The Care Workers’ Charity has successfully reached its 1 million pound fundraising target in just six weeks to support care workers in need due to Coronavirus.

Runway Gallery

Runway Gallery, founded and run by artist SYRETT, is taking action during the COVID-19 global pandemic by donating 25% of all online sales during the current coronavirus lockdown period in the UK to support The Care Workers’ Charity’s Emergency Crisis Grant Fundraiser.