CWC Ambassadors

The Care Workers’ Charity is very proud of its Ambassadors who play a vital role in supporting our work.

Hannah Cockroft, MBE, Paralympian
CWC " I'm really proud to be an ambassador for The Care Workers’ Charity. Care workers in Britain work tirelessly to protect vulnerable individuals and families in our communities. Anyone could need and can reach out for help from them at any time, making their days long and their caseloads heavy. It's great that they have somewhere to turn to when things get difficult in their own lives, and I want them to know that the help is there waiting for them. Sometimes, people can be so focussed on improving and helping others that their own needs get pushed to the side. Whether it's financial aid or just a friendly face to approach in a time of need, The Care Workers Charity is there for those that are always there for us. "
Kenny Doughty, Actor
CWC " Care workers are there for our most vulnerable, working long hours, often under stress- both physically and mentally. They spend their careers helping others. But they themselves may have times of need when they need a safety net. I am a proud ambassador of the CWC who promise to support our care workers when they face economic hardship. "
Bradley James, Actor
CWC " There are thousands of care workers in the UK who look after society’s most vulnerable individuals, often for little reward. They spend their lives assisting others, and now with the COVID-19 pandemic, they risk their lives to do so. Sometimes circumstances change and it's the care workers who need help because of illness, tragedy, or other challenging circumstances in their personal lives. I love that the CWC is there for them during those times and I am grateful for the opportunity to be there too. "
Bradley Johnson, Professional Footballer
CWC " After helping out with delivering vital PPE and masks during the first lockdown, I gained a real insight into how tough it has been for our care workers. The long hours they work and the much needed and overlooked contribution and difference they make to the lives of the people they care for and our communities. The work they do is largely unrecognized so I wanted to get involved to highlight the importance of it and show my support. I would like to say a very big personal thank you to all at the charity for letting me be a part of it. "
Rochenda Sandall, Actress
CWC " I wanted to become an ambassador of CWC as it is a subject very close to my heart, my Grandma needs full time care and we don’t know what we would do without it. I love this charity because it offers care to those that care the most. "
Bill Bellamy, Actor/Care Worker
CWCA Cardiff-based actor, more used to treading the boards and the TV lights than a career in social care, is championing his new role as a domiciliary care worker. Bill Bellamy, a founder member of the National Youth Theatre of Wales who trained at the city's Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama, has described his experience of becoming a care worker in the city during the COVID-19 emergency as"one of the most worthwhile journeys that I have been on for many years."