Oxfordshire Grants

Crisis grants 

The Care Workers’ Charity will use their existing systems for managing and processing crisis grants in line with the eligibility criteria agreed by Oxfordshire County Council to meet the aims of supporting staff to remain in the care sector.  

The Grant will be ring-fenced to Care Workers living and working within the Oxfordshire County area  who are either currently employed in the sector for at least a year or formerly employed for at least five years. 

New starter grant
We also have a new starter grant for people who are new to the sector or may have previously worked in the care sector, but not in their current role. If unemployed since leaving care sector role, then this must be for a minimum of 3 months. We are offering up to £750 to help new starters 

Care Workers meeting the following criteria will be able to apply for crisis grants of up to £1,000. If you are applying for funeral costs grants of up to £2,000 are available.

  • Be currently employed in the adult social care sector in the county 
  • Live in the County
  • Due to financial resources, if you have received a total of £2000 worth or  more in grants from us, you are unfortunately not eligible for any more funding

Have experienced one of the following changes in circumstances, within the last year:  

  • A sudden of unexpected loss of income  
  • A sudden or unexpected cost that may impact on ability to work in the care sector  
  • A sudden or unexpected change in living circumstances or loss of home  
  • A sudden or unexpected illness or injury  
  • A relationship breakdown  
  • An issue of domestic abuse  
  • Not be over the 25% of the Minimum Income Standard 
  • Are intending to continue to work in the adult social care sector in the Oxfordshire.  

The crisis grants may be able to assist with:  

  • Daily living expenses  
  • Essential whitegoods 
  • Essential household items 
  • Moving costs 
  • Health improvement aids and adaptations 
  • Travel expenses to hospital 
  • Essential household repairs 
  • Car repairs 
  • Bankruptcy and Debt Relief Order (DRO) application fee
  • Fees to prevent eviction 
  • Funeral costs

 The crisis grants may not be used for:  

  • Debts -consumer credit/debt repayments, payday loans, overdraft fees
  • Legal fees and costs of legal representation 
  • Payment of fines 
  • House purchase 
  • Private medical treatment 
  • Private education 
  • Higher education course fees 
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