Corporate Sponsorship

How To Become A Corporate Sponsor
The 2 million strong social care workforce is one of the most underappreciated workforces in the UK. Each day care workers, personal assistants and support workers (to name a few) work with the most vulnerable members of society to help them live as independently as possible.

The Care Workers’ Charity looks out for this amazing workforce and offers support if they experience an unexpected crisis.

At some point in our lives we all come into contact with social care, whether that be sourcing care for a relative or visiting a friend or family member in a care setting. Give back to society by supporting The Care Workers’ Charity.

By sponsoring The Care Workers’ Charity you will be making a real difference to care workers and to those they support.
Join our growing network of supporters to show your commitment to care workers and social care.

  • Alliance with The Care Workers’ Charity
  • Involvement in our exclusive CWC events
  • Supporting all care workers and the wider social care sector
  • Receive monthly updates from The Care Workers’ Charity
  • Badge of Honour to show your organisations commitment to the sector
  • Opportunities for your organisation to be featured in CWC communications
  • Coverage in National press outlets