Claire and Georgie’s story

Claire and Georgie’s story

How did you get involved with The Care Workers Charity?

As I work for Shaw Healthcare Group, as an HR Business Partner, it is very important for me to support my employees as much as possible. I became aware of The Care Workers Charity via The Care Awards. In my role of supporting our employees I have often referred them to the Charity in their time of need.  I then wished to do some fundraising for the charity personally, so when my first daughter Ella was born we did a guess the baby weight game, raising over £1,400.  I never thought the shoe would be on the other foot, when it became our time of need I approached The Care Workers Charity with my plea and they warmly supported my daughter Georgie’s needs via a donation from the Care Awards.

What were your first impressions and how did you feel when you first came to the charity?

I thought it was a wonderful charity to support care workers, and was pleased to see celebrities such as Lynda Bellingham etc. were involved to promote even more awareness.  When I first approached the Charity I was welcomed open heartedly and spent many hours discussing Georgie’s condition and requirements for the future. I was impressed with the compassion the Charity gave to our family and soon felt part of one big family.

Has Georgie’s life improved and do you feel you have got to a better place by receiving support from the Charity? If so how?

Georgie’s life has transformed since her surgery, and having the financial support from The Care Workers Charity to assist in buying her rehabilitation equipment and money to go towards her purpose built gym at the bottom of our garden has improved the whole families quality of life, it’s created convenience for the family, routine rehabilitation sessions that only improve Georgie’s walking!

Where would you be if you hadn’t accessed the service?

In the first year of rehabilitation Georgie has gone from walking with a walking frame/sticks to independent walking… because of the operation and intensive physio rehabilitation programme.  We cannot thank CWC enough for their support in helping to make her stronger and enable her to walk without an aide.

Where do you see Georgie in the future?

In September 2017, we see ourselves hopefully being able to start school with Georgie walking herself through the gates, without the need of a wheelchair or walking frame or tripod sticks. She will become much more independent and live a normal daily life both at school and at home. We will always need to do physio to keep up with growth spurts, and continue to stretch and keep fit, but we never know what is round the corner with Georgie… she excels in most things and always tries her best, she has already been part of a ITV documentary on Secret Lives of Babies, and has won a Waterbabies Little Hero Award for her dedication to her swimming…. Next … Paralympic swimmer maybe? Who knows!

What advice would you give to someone who was looking for similar support?

Go for it, share your story, tell them your need, it doesn’t have to be a life changing need like ours, but no matter how big or small, the CWC is there to help you….. you give so much to who you care for on a daily basis, it may be your time for them to give something back to you if they can.

Is there anything else you would like to say?

I will never be able to thank the trustees past and present enough for their unconditional support to our daughter Georgie Gibbs, knowing you have some support out there to help you get through difficult times is so reassuring… all you have to do is ask. I would really recommend this Charity to all care workers, at any level in the Care Industry, they have been a massive support to our family and I know they will go on to support so many others.