Bridget’s story

Bridget’s story

Bridget was left in a desperate situation when her Mother fell critically ill and needed to be cared for in Zambia. There was limited family support in Zambia and with ten years’ worth of care experience under her belt, Bridget felt compelled to perform the caring duties for her Mother. Bridget had very little resource to pay towards her flights and when her application for a loan from Barclays was rejected, she became increasingly anxious and didn’t know where to turn.

“I walk my daughter to school every day and I used to enjoy this time because we talked about anything that popped into our heads. I had to start masking how I was feeling when my Mother fell ill because I couldn’t let my daughter witness my weakness during a time I was meant to be strong. My brother would ring me, distraught, asking me when I was going to be there for Mum. I just didn’t have an answer for him.”

Flying home

Bridget felt hopeful when she came across The Care Workers Charity and was excited to learn that an organisation existed specifically to support people just like her. We provided Bridget with a grant to pay for a return flight to Zambia so she could spent four weeks providing her Mother with the care she required. Bridget’s manager at work was particularly supportive and negotiated the changes in Bridget’s shift patterns so she could take some time off work.

“Before I received the grant, I was bound. It felt like I was stuck in a prison with no escape. I had to deny my daughter some essential things during the time I was applying for a grant. Now that I have paid for my flight, I can budget my income to pay for the things we need. I don’t think many of my colleagues know about The Care Workers Charity but I bet they’ll be happy to hear about it once I return to work”

How we can help you

Our confidential grants service is here to help you on your rainy day by preventing you from facing financial hardship alone.

If you have worked in the care sector and are experiencing financial hardship brought upon by an unexpected or sudden drop in income, ill health, injury, bereavement, changes in living circumstances or a relationship breakdown then we may be able to offer you support.

Please visit our grants page to find out more and apply.