The Essential Carers’ Guide (2019)

Do you know the difference between a care worker and carer? Often the terms are used interchangeably, and although their roles do overlap, there’s a significant difference between them. Click here to discover why.

End of Life Care: A Helpful Guide (2018)

Being diagnosed with a terminal condition is an emotional time and many people aren’t sure what end of life care offers. Not only are you dealing with the impact of the illness and its symptoms, but also investigating the support options available. Here, we hope to answer some of your questions.

Palliative Care: A Helpful Guide (2018)

Being diagnosed with an incurable illness is a traumatic time, both for the individual concerned and their loved ones. At such an emotional time, it can be hard to focus on getting the care and support you need. Let’s take a look at your options.

Extra Care: The Essential Guide (2018)

Approaching a certain age, it’s common to feel that you need some extra support. Maybe this is due to a medical condition, loneliness, or wanting to be closer to family. Extra care can provide that option.

Respite Care: The Essential Guide (2018)

While caring can be hugely rewarding, it’s also important that carers and care workers remain healthy themselves. This is where respite care plays an important role. Read on to discover how it may help you.

Nursing Care: The Essential Guide (2018)

Nursing care is one of various health and social care services and is individually tailored to each client. If you have slightly more complex needs which require extra attention, this care service might be a suitable option. So how do you know if you need specialist nursing care?

Overnight Care: The Essential Guide (2018)

Often illness and disability can cause additional care needs. Much of the time, day care is sufficient to keep an individual independent. For others, overnight care is just as important.

Domiciliary Care: The Essential Guide (2018)

The world of health and social care can be confusing. And domiciliary care is no different. With all the different options available, it can be hard to know which services will best support your needs. In this guide, we look to break down domiciliary care and some of the services it can provide.

Elderly Care: The Essential Guide (2018)

Ageing affects us all, and at some point, we have to consider its implications…Whether that’s for ourselves, or for our family and friends. Although it can be stressful and confusing to discover what assistance is available, we hope this proves a useful introductory guide.