Crisis Grant Closed


To be eligible for a Crisis Grant to support you with the cost of living, you must:

· Be currently  employed in the UK social care sector, in a role that is involved In or supports the provision of adult, elderly or disability care. We are unfortunately unable to help those who have previously worked in the sector a this time.

.If you are applying for the new starter grant you must be new to the care sector or may have previously worked in the care sector, but not in their current role. If unemployed since leaving care sector role, then this must be for a minimum of 3 months 

· You must currently be employed for at least 3 months in the care sector

· Have experienced one of the following changes in circumstances, within the last year:

· A sudden of unexpected loss of income

· A sudden or unexpected illness or injury

· A sudden or unexpected change in living circumstances or loss of home

· A relationship breakdown

· An issue of domestic abuse

· Death of a close relative

· Not be over the 25% of the Minimum Income Standard (if you are unsure, you can calculate this here

· Due to financial resources, if you have received a total of £2000 worth or  more in grants from us, you are unfortunately not eligible for any more funding

· If you have already received a grant from us you will not be able to apply again within a 24 month period.


Before you apply, please make sure that you can provide the necessary evidence documents. We are unable to award any grant without all the following:

  • Evidence of Employment: This can be, a recent pay slip, P60 form, P45 form or a confirmation letter from your employer stating your period of employment
  • A Recent Bank Statement: This needs to show your account name, sort code and account number.
  • If applying for a funeral cost grant, then we require an invoice that shows the costs of the funeral.


If you can provide the following documents, it could make your application for a grant stronger. However, these documents are not essential: 

  • Medical confirmation of illness/injury
  • Repair costs quotes and invoices
  • Proof of eviction proceedings/ proof of rent arrears amount
  • New tenancy agreements and removal quotes (if applying for a moving costs grant)
  • Letter from a domestic violence support organisation
  • A Letter of Support: This letter must be addressed to The Care Workers’ Charity and should confirm the circumstance of why you are claiming a grant and the difference that the grant would make. The person writing the letter must be a professional, such as your manager at work, Citizens Advice Bureau officer, doctor, debt advisor or housing support worker.



For more information please check out our FAQs page


The Care Workers’ Charity Crisis Grant is open to care workers who have experienced a recent change in circumstance resulting in a significant financial impact. Grant applications are assessed on a case-by-case basis and a maximum of £500 can be awarded. Subject to funding and circumstances in some cases we can award up to £2,000 for funeral costs grants if you live or work in the Oxfordshire area.