Professional Care Workers’ Week 2024

Professional Care Workers’ Week 2024: The Future of Social Care

Join us for Professional Care Workers’ Week (PCWW) 2024, hosted by The Care Workers Charity! Celebrating its seventh year, this event honours the essential contributions of care workers and aims to elevate their profile across the UK. 

What is Professional Care Workers’ Week? 

From September 16th to 20th, PCWW will feature a series of virtual panels and information sessions led by care workers, care managers, and leading figures in Adult Social Care. These sessions are entirely free and accessible from anywhere, ensuring broad participation. 

We encourage everyone, both within and outside the sector, to get involved by attending sessions, raising funds, or organising events to celebrate their colleagues. 

Why “Professional” Care Workers’ Week? 

The term “Professional” highlights the skilled nature of care work, which often goes unrecognized due to systemic issues like low pay, inconsistent training, and high turnover. With 152,000 vacancies daily, it’s vital to change this perception. 

Professionalisation means acknowledging the diverse skills and responsibilities of care workers, offering fair wages above the Real Living Wage, providing career development opportunities, ensuring easy mobility between employers, and recognising their immense societal value. 

For those receiving care, professionalisation means higher trust levels, safety, accountability, and transparency. 

PCWW serves as a platform to elevate the status of care workers in the UK, showcase their excellent work, and facilitate learning and best practice sharing. 

What to Expect During PCWW 2024? 

This year’s event will focus on the future of social care, featuring sessions on: 

  • Social care reform 
  • The future of AI in the sector 
  • The Skills for Care workforce plan 
  • The future of home care and residential care 
  • Workforce safety and well-being 

Alongside these discussions, PCWW is a celebration of care workers who support those in need every day, regardless of circumstances. The week promises rich opportunities for collaboration, learning, and planning the future of social care. 

We encourage care providers to show appreciation for their teams with small tokens of thanks like cards, cakes, parties, or certificates. For more ideas, download our Afternoon Tea for the CWC Fundraising Pack and the PCWW Information Pack. 

Get involved and celebrate the incredible contributions of care workers! Together, we can shape the future of social care. 

How do I get involved? 

Eventbrite details coming soon!