‘The Extra Mile’ Poem

'The Extra Mile' Poem

We are excited to publish another entry from our care worker writing competition. This poem was submitted by Rebecca Skermer from Mansfield, Nottinghamshire and provides a touching account of what it means to work in care. Thank you for sharing it with us, Rebecca! 

The Extra Mile

I go the extra mile

To see that extra smile

I go out of my way

To make somebody’s day


I go the extra mile for the person who cannot walk

I go the extra mile for the person unable to talk


No time to eat my lunch today

No time to use the toilet

But I’m putting a smile on the face of another

And would not want to spoil it


I care because I want to,

I don’t do it for the money.

I get paid for being caring,

Not for kicking a ball or trying to be funny


‘Ten thousand steps a day’, they say

But I’ll go another mile

I’ll keep on walking, running

For caring is truly my style

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