We have just launched our car repair grant.

Grant awards are typically limited to a maximum of £500. Maximum grants for daily living costs are limited to £250.

In addition to care repairs we may also be able to assist with:

  • Daily living expenses
  • Essential whitegoods
  • Essential household items
  • Moving costs
  • Health improvement aids and adaptations
  • Travel expenses to hospital
  • Essential household repairs
  • Funeral costs
  • Bankruptcy and Debt Relief Order (DRO) application fee
  • Fees to prevent eviction

We continue to offer grants to people self-isolating and shielding with our Covid-19 grants scheme. And we are also offering up to £2000 for funeral costs.

Furthermore, if care staff are, or have been stranded abroad due to travel restrictions we can offer support of up to £1000.

Check out our COVID-19 emergency grants and Crisis Grant Fund HERE

The Care Workers’ Charity exists to create the support structures that people need whilst actively promoting the immense contribution that the UK’s care workers make to our society. The CWC vision is to create a UK where no care worker faces financial hardship alone.

There are almost 2 million care workers in the UK, contributing to one of the largest workforces. They spend their careers assisting others, but when circumstances change, sometimes it is the care workers who need help.

Please help The Care Workers’ Charity be there for Care Workers in need. Keep the UK caring and donate at the Coronaviruscareworkersfund Just Giving page HERE