Leave A Gift

Leave A Lasting Legacy
If you or your family members have experienced the wonderful contribution of care workers and would like to support their vital work into the future, consider leaving a gift in your Will or donating in memory of a loved one. Your donation will not only help protect the financial and emotional welfare of our incredible care workers but also ensure the most vulnerable members of our society continue to receive the care they deserve.

We believe everyone in need is entitled to care that promotes happiness and independence and it is our care workers who are vital to making this happen. These compassionate, patient and resilient individuals work around-the-clock to ensure the people they care for are fully supported. And whilst those in the care sector find their work rewarding, long hours, unstable contracts, and low pay, coupled with the inherent demands of caring for others can make care work a challenging profession. Care workers give so much, yet sometimes it’s the care workers themselves who need assistance.

This is where The Care Workers’ Charity steps in. We give grants to care workers to see them through an unforeseen period of financial hardship, and we are busy creating counselling packages to provide them with the psychological support they desperately need but which is often difficult to come by.

We know we change lives. But we need to change more. Your support can help us do that. Read more about the impact of our work here.

A gift in your Will or donating in memory of a loved one can mean:
  • care workers facing unexpected hardship from illness, injury or loss of income have a financial cushion to keep a roof over their head and food on the table.
  • care workers facing the emotional pain of bereavement have somewhere to turn, to cover the costs of their loved one’s funeral.
  • care workers left feeling drained or overwhelmed from tirelessly caring for others have someone to talk to about their experiences.
  • disabled children and adults and the elderly are given the best level of care as the care workers responsible for them are fully supported
Leaving A Gift In Your Will
Making or amending your Will may feel like a big step and you might think it is a complicated process. Having your wishes carried out to support our work can be surprisingly straightforward, however. We have answered some common questions about how to leave a gift in your Will to The Care Workers' Charity, below. We also advise contacting your solicitor, who will also be able to guide you through the process.

If you have already included The Care Workers' Charity in your Will, do please let us know.

We are extremely grateful for your support.