Individual Fundraising

Why fundraise?
We need your help to continue support the care workforce. There are 1.6 million care and support workers in the UK. Many care workers are living below the real living wage which can make it all too easy for them to fall into hardship if crisis hits.

By nature, care workers are attentive and kind. Asking for help can be difficult. The Care Workers’ Charity exists to help care workers by offering grants and judgement free information.

With your support we can develop our grant streams and strengthen our services so care workers can receive help when they need it.

We run a variety of fundraising activities throughout the year. Have a look at our events page to see what exciting events we have coming up.

If you have a fundraising idea, we’d love to hear it. We will support you to fundraise for the charity, and we’ll make sure you have the best experience raising money for the CWC.

Individual fundraising is so important to the charity, you will be part of our growing network of supporters.

Your support makes a huge difference. We are grateful to you giving your time and effort to fundraise, your donations will be spent responsibly.
Ideas & Examples
Challenge Event
Are you a daredevil who enjoys an adrenaline thrill? You could organise a parachute jump or an abseil to raise money and awareness of the charity.

Are you registered to run a marathon? Maybe you have been toying with the idea. Why not run to raise money for care workers? Get in touch with us and we can see what the options are.

Cake Sale
Cakes and sweet treats are always a great way to raise funds. Get some friends, colleagues together and ask them to contribute some baked goods. Ask people to make a donation, it’s as simple as that! Cake sales are flexible and can be done in many settings, there will be a way to make it work for everyone.

Fancy Dress Day
Fancy-dress should not just be for Halloween. Pick a theme and throw on your best outfit. Ask people to donate a small amount for the day. Or you could run a best dressed competition which always puts a smile on people’s faces! Get colleagues to decide what the boss has to wear.

Scavenger Hunt
Organise a scavenger hunt and send participants on a wild goose chase. You could ask people to go digital and take pictures of landmarks or ask them to collect things you have positioned. Ask for a fee to take part or get donations in return for clues.

Save the pennies
This idea is simple but effective. If you keep a jar of change in your home, why not donate this to charity. If you have a tuck shop or vending machine at work, why not ask your colleagues to donate the change left from their snacks and send this into the charity.

Sports Day
Sports Day is not just for school. Pick a local park, a garden, or a rural area to host the games. Be creative with games, you could do an obstacle race, limbo, relay, even a space hopper race. You could combine this event with a BBQ or a picnic to keep everyone refreshed.

Shave your head
If you or someone you know has grown a long beard or grown their hair you can raise funds for the hair to be shaved. People will sponsor the shave, and the before and after pictures will speak for themselves.

Come dine with me
Invite a group of friends over for dinner or get creative and ask different departments to host a lunch. Ask everyone to make a donation to participate and after everyone has made their culinary creations announce the winner.

If you have any other ideas, we’d love to hear them!
How To Create An Event
So, you’re thinking of fundraising for The Care Workers’ Charity. Whether you’re putting on an event or taking part in a sponsored challenge a fundraising page is paramount to bringing in donations.

There are many fundraising platforms on offer, here are a few we’d recommend:

The Care Workers’ Charity
To start your fundraising page, follow this link to our charity profile.

From here, click the button at the top which says ‘Fundraise for Us’ You will then be asked to fill in some details about yourself and your event. After that, your personalised fundraising page is ready. You will be able to edit your page, add in your own pictures and send updates to your supporters.

You can create your fundraising event for The Care Workers’ Charity on JustGiving or Virgin Money Giving too.