Hallmark Fund

Supporting you when times get tough 

The Care Workers’ Charity has partnered with Hallmark Care to provide funding to all staff to help you with costs such as:

  • Rent arrears
  • Daily living costs
  • Essential household repairs
  • Funeral costs
  • Car repairs
  • Essential white goods and other costs.

There is up to £1,000 available for all staff employed by Hallmark.


The Care Workers’ Charity will contact Hallmark for employment confirmation prior to grants being agreed. By applying for a grant you give your permission for us to do so. 

Hallmark have provided funding of £225,000 to support staff, and the Grants Team at The Care Workers’ Charity will independently assess and verify applications. We’ve made the process as easy as possible and you can contact the Grants Team if you have any queries. We aim to check and verify your application and approve it for payment within two working days, provided you have given us the information that’s needed.

Do you qualify for a grant?

  • You need to be current employee of Hallmark Care
  • You need to be applying for funding towards Rent arrears, Daily living costs, Essential household repairs, Funeral costs, Car repairs, Essential white goods or something else along those lines
  • Due to financial resources, if you have received a total of £2000 worth or  more in grants from us, you are unfortunately not eligible for any more funding

You can’t apply for funding towards

  • Luxury items or expenses
  • Contribution to holiday costs
  • Flights abroad

The maximum amount you can apply for is £1,000

Information for you

Due to funding being spent, the Hallmark fund has now closed.

If you have any questions, please look at the FAQs here

If you have any other queries, please contact the Grants Team at the Care Workers’ Charity and they will get back to you as soon as they can, but there may be a delay if you email them during the festive break. Contact them: grants@thecwc.org.uk

During the festive period there may be a short delay in receiving your grant payment if you are eligible, due to bank holidays.

What you need to do

  • It’s easier to use a laptop or computer for the application, so that you can see everything clearly – if you don’t have one, ask if you can use a friend or family member’s device and ask them to help if you get stuck
  • Read the information about the eligibility criteria, and the evidence you need to provide
  • Take a picture of your bank statement so you have it ready to include in your application. Your name, bank account number and sort code need to be clearly visible, as well as other details.
  • Please also take pictures of any supporting documentation you will be providing to support your application.

Your name, bank account number and sort code must be visible. You can blank everything else out. You can either put a sheet of paper on the rest of the statement or you can use an application such as ‘paint’ to colour the rest out.

Save it as a picture, and then upload it with your application when you’re ready to start.

What happens when I apply?

  • Your application comes into the Care Workers’ Charity Grants Team
  • You receive an email which gives you your application reference code which begins with GA followed by a series of numbers. Keep hold of that number in case you want to check how your application is doing
  • Checking the progress of your application
  • Click here:  Home
  • Put in your application number (starts with GA followed by a series of letters)
  • You’ll see the status of your application

  • The team check that you meet the eligibility criteria, and that you are currently employed by Hallmark
  • The team check that you’ve included your bank details (the picture of your bank statement showing your name, bank account number and sort code) and double check that the bank details in the application are the same as on the picture
  • They’ll email you if there is anything missing or if they have any queries. Please respond to their email as soon as you can; we can’t pay you without the required information.
  • Once everything is checked and ok, a team member will mark your application as ‘eligible’
  • Another team member does a final check, and approves your application if everything is correct
  • Your details are uploaded onto our system, ready for payment and you receive an email confirming that payment will be made and will go into your bank account within two working days (during the festive period there may be a short delay due to Christmas, New Year and bank holidays)
  • The money goes into your bank account