How to Raise Money for a Charity Challenge Event

How to Raise Money for a Charity Challenge Event

Raising money for a challenge event can be intimidating and for most people it will be the most money they ever raise for a charity. Don’t know where to start? Do not fear – with a little planning ahead and breaking your fundraising target down into smaller manageable chunks, you will easily surpass your target. Here are our top 5 fundraising ideas for raising money in a busy 2019.

1. Link through to your online fundraising page in your email footer

Research suggests that sending a direct email to someone increases your chance of receiving a donation from them by 40%, this is even higher for people who have intended to donate but forgot at the time. By including a link to your donation page in your footer you are actively fundraising every time you send an email.

2. Get your work to match fund everything you raise

Does you company have a match funding programme? Some companies will support their employees by match funding everything they raise, this is more likely if your company has an exiting relationship with the charity or your cause relates to your organisation’s goals.

3. Host an event

Why not run a lunch time quiz with your team? Or a dog walk in your local community? It might seem humorous to run a fundraising event to reach your fundraising target, but people are much more likely to donate if they feel like they are getting something in return for their donation. This approach definitely works for those higher fundraising targets. You can find more ideas for this style of fundraising by clicking here.

4. Use social media to share your journey

People are more likely to donate to your online page if they feel like they are on a journey with you, if they can imagine breaking in those new walking boots or aching from a long cycle or run. While you won’t forget to share the photo from the finish line, share the story behind it too – document your training, post a photo of your new kit arriving. 54% of donors prefer to donate online (Global NGO Technology Report 2018) so providing a direct link to your online page will really maximise donations.

5. Thank people!

There are endless demands for people to part with their hard-earnt cash, so don’t take for granted that people chose to support you. Remember to tell people what their support means and why not mention how helpful it would be if they let a friend know about your fundraising page or share in on their social media.