Autumna’s Go Green Initiative: A Step Towards a More Sustainable Later Life Care Sector

Autumna, our sponsor and a leading online directory of later life care providers, has launched a new initiative called Go Green. In a recent survey, self-funding clients told Autumna that green initiatives would influence their decision-making when choosing a care home. In response to this, Go Green was created to enable providers to improve and demonstrate their sustainability practices. The Go Green initiative was developed in collaboration with ESG professionals and care providers. It provides a roadmap of steps that care homes can take to improve their sustainability in areas such as building management, procurement and waste management, energy efficiencies, digital compliance, and home projects.

“Go Green has been created to support care seekers in their decision-making process and enable providers to demonstrate, directly to their potential clients, what environmentally sustainable measures they are taking,” said Debbie Harris, Founder of Autumna. One of the founding members of the Go Green Action Group is Athena Care Homes, a care home provider with a strong commitment to sustainability. Athena Care Homes has pledged to plant five trees for every resident who moves into one of their homes. They have also implemented a number of other sustainability initiatives, such as switching to eco-friendly cleaning products and upgrading their boilers to save energy.

“We’re immensely proud to have been a part of the Go Green initiative,” said James Eley, Marketing Manager at Athena Care Homes. “It’s something that all care homes can take inspiration from and collectively, I’m confident we can make a real difference to our residents, care team and local community now and into the future.”

Autumna is encouraging all care providers to get involved and are supporting uptake by updating Autumna profiles on behalf of providers. Care providers just need to provide some details via a form and Autumna will do the rest.

The Go Green initiative is a welcome step towards a more sustainable later life care sector. It is hoped that the initiative will encourage more care providers to adopt sustainable practices and help to reduce the sector’s environmental impact.

If you would like to know more about the Go Green initiative on Autumna, then please email or call her on 01892 335 330.