Berkley Hardship Fund FAQs


Who can apply? 

You need to be a current employee of Berkley 

Do I need to pay the grant back? 

  • No, you do not need to repay the grant. 

What can I apply for?   

You can apply for help to pay bills which have increased due to the cost of living crisis, such as: 

  • Increase in utility bills (gas and electricity)
  • Increases in fuel costs or travel expenses 
  • Rent or mortgage payments being increased  
  • An increase in childcare or wrap around care  
  • General daily living costs
  • Sickness 

How much can I apply for? 

  • Between £50 and £750

Do you take my finances into account when assessing my application? 

We will only ask for your annual gross wage so we can award a grant that is within the parameters set by Berkley. You can let us know about your finances when you are detailing why you are requesting a grant. This can help give us an overall picture, particularly if you are receiving benefits. You will not be excluded from receiving a grant based on your financial information. Grant amounts are capped at maximum amounts set by Berkley.


 What supporting documents do I need to submit? 

 You must send these: 

  • You must include a bank statement.  Your name, bank account number and sort code need to be clearly visible, as well as other details.  We need this so we can double-check the bank details on your application are current.  
  • Evidence of an increase in the cost-of-living such as a letter from your energy supplier that states an increase in the amount you pay, evidence of an increase in other bills, credit card balance documentation or evidence of debt or loans.

It will help the Care Workers’ Charity to assess your claim if you also include some of these: 

  • We also ask you to provide any supporting documentationthat will help strengthen your grant claim for example:  Cost of living increases in bills such as utility bills (you need to provide  evidence of increases, such as an old bill and new bill, or increase in direct debits for utilities). You could apply for the cost of basics such as food increases (give a couple of examples). You could apply for additional costs that have increased (give a brief description) such as fuel costs, childcare, rent or mortgage payments, and provide any evidence you can such as your rent or mortgage provider letter/email.   

Where can I go for help with my application? 

You can talk to a member of the HR team ( or email the Grants Team at the Care Workers’ Charity: 

If I receive a grant can I apply for another?
No, you can only receive one grant within a 12-month period 

How will I know if my application is successful?
The Care Workers’ Charity will notify applicants via email regarding the outcome of their grant application.