We will consider applications for financial assistance from people who have worked in a paid role in the UK's care sector and are involved in or support the provision of care. 

This includes people who have been involved in residential social care, home care, supported living care or day care. 

Anyone in any role working within one of these services is eligible, including care staff, domestic, back office or catering staff. 

We award grants to meet the financial impact of the following circumstances:

1. If someone close to you died

2. If you experienced a sudden or unexpected illness or injury

3. if you had a sudden or unexpected loss of income

4. If you had to deal with a sudden or unexpected change in living circumstances or loss of home

5. If you have faced a recent relationship breakdown and/or domestic abuse 

We offer two types of grants, typically limited to £500:

Essential needs grants 

One-off payment towards the cost of an item or a need necessary to sustain the basic health, or to improve the poor quality of life of the person or family - for example, essential appliances, keep a home warm, essential household requirements or health improvement aids.

Crisis grants

One-off payment to support someone experiencing an unforeseen or life-changing circumstance, such as bereavement, ilness or injury and who has no resources to meet associated costs which could include funeral expenses, moving home, travel to hospital expenses or home repairs. 

To find out more or to check if you are eligible, please click here.

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