Brexit Implications on Health and Social Care Sector

In this guest post, Nadra Ahmed OBE addresses how the impact of the decision to exit the EU presents additional challenges to the social care sector. Read more

How to Raise Money for a Charity Challenge Event

Raising money for a challenge event can be intimidating and for most people it will be the most money they ever raise for a charity. Don’t know where to start? Do not fear - here are tried and tested top 5 fundraising ideas for raising money in a busy 2019. Read more

Winter Tips for Care Assistants

The winter months can be difficult for a lot of us, especially those working in care. Regardless of the weather conditions, customers still require care and it is the responsibility of care assistants to ensure they get the support they need, when they need it. Carrying out a busy day of calls can be extremely challenging in the colder months, but there are some helpful precautions you can take to make sure you are well prepared. Read more

Our Greatest Asset and Most Fragile Force

In this guest post, Dr Donald Macaskill, CEO of Scottish Care, examines the role of care staff and the critical part they play within the industry and community at large. Read more

10 Ways That Technology Can Help You Deliver Better Care

Mobile phones are magical. Not only can we do our weekly shop, but also navigate around busy cities, pay our taxes and send messages across the world! And while many industries have been reborn using such wizardry, social care has yet to catch up with the level of technology currently available. Read more

The Importance of Good Nutrition for the Older Community

In this article, Helen Willis, Dietitian at apetito and Wiltshire Farm Foods examines the common issues around nutrition in the older community. Click here to learn more. Read more

The Importance of Quality Training in Homecare

There is nothing more important in homecare than well-trained, compassionate staff. In this article, UKHCA’s Learning and Development Specialist Jayne Easterbrook discusses how training has grown in emphasis and the support UKHCA can provide to both homecare organisations and their care staff. Read more

Hartford Care Trek for Charity

Hartford Care recently undertook the mammoth challenge of trekking the remote highlands of Iceland, raising an incredible £13,000 for The Care Workers Charity. So what's it like to trek across vibrant coloured mountains, wade through glacial rivers and camp under the stars? Click here to find out! Read more

The Importance of Third Sector Organisations Working Together to Fill the Gaps

In an age when some of society's most entrenched taboos are being eradicated, it seems that one is proving particularly hard to shift: Many people feel a strong social stigma associated with having financial difficulties. Overcoming this stigma and signposting people to the right services is something the Care Workers Charity deals with daily. Read more

How Care Worker Apprenticeships Are Creating the Next Generation of Carers

Within the social care sector, recruiting and retaining a hardworking and devoted workforce has been a continuous dilemma for care providers. With an ageing population, a looming Brexit date and an upcoming Green Paper, the pressure to find a solution to staffing challenges is increasing day by day. Read more

Choosing a Care Home: A Definitive Checklist

Choosing a care home can be extremely difficult. The home must have everything you or your relative needs, in the right location at an affordable price. It needs to be a care home where the resident can still do the things that matter to them, where they have choice and control and where their emotional needs are valued and their rights are upheld. Read more