Working in social care can be as challenging as it is rewarding. You may find some of the following resources help with your wellbeing.

Food and Mood
Childcare Taking time to think about the food you eat is important. Improving your diet may help to improve your wellbeing and increase your energy levels.

Mind has some great information about the relationship between food and mood.

Childcare Mindfulness is a well-known technique involving making an effort to be in the present moment. It can help decrease feelings of stress and anxiety, and be kinder towards yourself.

Find out more here about Mindfulness and how to practice it.

Physical Activity
Childcare Physical activity involves anything where you’re moving your body. Being active can help towards improving your wellbeing; managing your intrusive thoughts, stress and anxiety, as well as supporting you to get a better sleep.

Find out more about the benefits of physical activity on your wellbeing here.
Childcare When you’re feeling particularly busy, overwhelmed, stressed or anxious the following exercises may help to promote a sense of relaxation and calm.

Mind has 8 tips for relaxation which may help reduce feelings of stress or anxiety.

Childcare When your mental health and wellbeing is poor, it can be a struggle to sleep. Our friends over at Sleepio offer a 6 week online program designed by sleep experts and based on cognitive and behavioral techniques here with sleep tracking, optimization plan and expert advice and suggestions to help to improve your sleep.

Childcare Working in social care can mean you’re under an extraordinary amount of stress that can feel overwhelming. Understanding your relationship with stress, and having coping mechanisms and techniques to better deal with it is vital. The Mind website have the following guide to help with this.