The Care Workers’ Charity Responds to Liberal Democrat Manifesto

The Care Workers’ Charity is pleased to respond to the recent Liberal Democrat manifesto, which prominently features social care, reflecting its crucial importance to society. 

Karolina Gerlich CEO says, “we are delighted to see that social care is a high priority for the Liberal Democrats, acknowledging the essential role care workers play in our communities. This commitment is a significant step towards addressing long-standing issues in the sector. 

We are encouraged by the proposal for a minimum wage for care workers set £2 above the national minimum wage. This is a crucial measure to ensure that care workers receive fair compensation for their vital work, helping to improve recruitment and retention in the sector. We are also pleased to see a commitment to developing clear career pathways with a career ladder for care workers and pay differentials that recognise increasing responsibilities as people move through their careers. This will provide care workers with opportunities for advancement and professional growth, making the sector more attractive and sustainable. 

The mention of establishing a Royal College for Care Workers is a milestone we have campaigned for over many years. We have long called for a professional body that represents care workers to provide much-needed professional recognition and development opportunities, ensuring care workers receive the support and respect they deserve. 

We are delighted to see the manifesto also addresses reversing the no-dependents rule for international care workers. This change will make it easier for talented care workers from abroad to contribute to our social care system without asking them to put their needs and that of their families second. 

While we are encouraged by these proposals, we would welcome further information on how these initiatives will be funded to ensure long-term sustainability. Additional details on the set-up and operation of the Royal College for Care Workers will be crucial to understanding how it will support the professional development of care workers. The proposal to roll out digital platforms for care users is promising and it would be great to hear more details to ensure these platforms work effectively.”