CWC Response to The Fabian Society Policy Report

CWC Response to The Fabian Society Policy Report – Support Guaranteed: The roadmap to a National Care Service

Karolina Gerlich CEO of CWC said:
“We welcome this in-depth report looking at what the journey towards a National Care Service under Labour could look like.
I was happy to hear at the launch that the workforce came as the number one priority. Pay and working conditions and minimum care working wage as well as pension should be fairly delivered to all care workers. At CWC we know that without the workforce, we cannot support people who draw on social care.
Recognising pay and working conditions and therefore lives of care workers as a priority shows us that The Fabian Society’s report has at least a good understanding of social care. We are pleased to see the registration recognised as another recommendation although we are disappointed not to see a professional body for care workers as another essential part of ensuring that care workers and their skills and hard work get the respect and recognition they deserve.
We are looking forward to hearing more from Labour politicians if and how they would take these proposals forward, especially around the funding side and hopefully being more ambitious than the report on the care worker wages in the future.”