Care Workers To Benefit From Agreed Partnership With The Access Earlypay Scheme

Access EarlyPay supports The Care Worker’s Charity

By Abhishek Agrawal, Director of Access EarlyPay

Whilst regarded as key-workers, those in the care sector often have to put up with low wages. It is no surprise that an unexpected expense or having had to take some time off sick can put care workers in serious financial difficulty. Often the only recourse is an expensive credit card or an exploitative payday loan.

We wanted to offer a better alternative, which is why we created the Access EarlyPay app that allows workers to take part of their wages before payday, providing more flexibility to deal with life’s unexpected events.

However, sometimes even early access to income is not enough. A recent survey of care workers revealed that more than 70% struggle with paying for essentials like food and utility bills let alone saving money as a safety net for the future.

In such cases, organisations like The Care Workers’ Charity (CWC) provide crucial support. In 2018, the charity gave out grants of between £500 and £2000 to almost 400 care workers, 10% of which supported workers with paying for basics such as rent.

This year so far they have already supported 1135 care workers with the financial challenges brought about by COVID-19, thanks in part to generous donations to their COVID-19 fund which is now close to £2,000,000.

Unfortunately, the demand far outstrips the supply. Hence, we have decided to support The Care Worker’s Charity (CWC) by donating 10% of fees generated by EarlyPay app users from health and social care. This is a long-term partnership, and as our business grows, so will our contributions to CWC and to the people that need it most in the care sector.

The Access EarlyPay app has seen remarkable growth since its launch 6 months ago. Thousands of care workers are using the app every month with great feedback, both by the users and the care providers. By supporting the Care Workers’ Charity, we are able to further our vision to provide meaningful financial wellness solutions to those at the frontline of the COVID-19 crisis.

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