Care Workers Charity Urges Immediate Action in Response to Skills for Care Pay in Adult Social Care Report

We are disappointed, but not surprised, to see in the Skills for Care Pay in Adult Social Care Report that independent sector care workers are paid an average rate of £11 per hour. This is a shocking 41% below the real living wage and places them within the lowest 20th percentile of all occupations in the UK. 

Karolina Gerlich, CEO of The Care Workers’ Charity say “Despite the profound impact on the lives of those drawing on social care, care work has long been undervalued and unfairly thought of as an unskilled role. This is far from the truth. Care workers shoulder wide-ranging clinical responsibilities, from administering medication to providing vital support such as stoma care. Care workers extend palliative support within communities, collaborate closely with district nurses, coordinate with GP’s and administer end-of-life pain relief. They support people with their mental health and provide companionship. Care workers support people in living the lives they want to live in a holistic way that continues not to be recognised or respected. 

Everybody deserves to be paid at a level that promotes financial stability and enhances overall quality of life. Care workers also deserve a wage that reflects the skills, experience, and immense responsibilities of the role. The Care Workers Charity has long advocated for fair compensation, calling for a minimum wage of £15 per hour through our workforce advocacy programme.  

We cannot expect care workers to deliver excellent care without adequate support themselves. The findings of the Skills for Care Pay in Adult Social Care Report underscore the urgent need for action to ensure that care workers are fairly compensated for their invaluable contributions to our society.” 

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