Care Workers’ Charity Hits Their £2 Million Pound Target

The Care Workers’ Charity has successfully reached their £2 million pound fundraising target to support care workers in need due to Covid-19.

CARE WORKERS’ CHARITY HITS THEIR £2 MILLION POUND TARGETSince the lockdown was announced thousands of individuals, businesses, and charity organisations have donated to The Care Workers’ Charity Covid-19 Emergency Fund, set up to support care workers who are shielding, self-isolating, unable to work due to contracting Covid-19 or having to cover funeral costs for the next of kin or a care worker.

Karolina Gerlich Executive Director of The Care Workers’ Charity says: “Thanks to the CWC team who have worked so hard and the support of our trustees, we have now reached our epic target of two million pounds.

“We have been overwhelmed by the sheer demand for grants, something that I do not see an end to anytime in the near future. Without our charity and the kindness of people donating to the fund many care workers would be facing a very difficult time right now. We are a lifeline for most and very happy to be able to confidently help our care workers knowing we have the funds to do so.”

Special thanks goes to those who have donated significant sums to the Fund:

Alpha Healthcare Ltd
Belron Ronnie Lubner Charitable Foundation
Borough Care
CARE badge
CSN Care
Hallmark Foundation
HC One Foundation
HC One Ltd
Health Foundation
Home Instead
Interserve Healthcare
Julia & Hans Rausing Trust
Just Eat
Mohari Hospitality – Mark Sheinberg Relief Fund
Rayne Foundation
RCN Foundation
Sir Nigel Broackes Trust
Solihull Council
Special thanks goes to those who have donated significant sums to the Fund: Medacs
Wasps Legend
We Care Badge

Our care workers are some of the lowest paid workers in the country. Many who are self-isolating receive at best statutory sick pay, others none. Some are going into debt and others are going hungry, and all for doing the right thing.

If you’re saving on your usual commute, your takeout coffee, and work lunches and can afford to, please consider making a donation. The UK’s care workers need you to help them get back on track and back to work.

Please help The Care Workers’ Charity be there for Care Workers in need. Keep the UK caring and donate at the Covid-19 Care Workers Crisis Grants Just Giving page

The Care Workers’ Charity exists to create the support structures that people need whilst actively promoting the immense contribution that the UK’s care workers make to our society. The CWC vision is for no care worker to face financial hardship alone in the UK.

There are almost 2 million care workers in the UK, contributing to one of the largest workforces. They spend their careers assisting others, but when circumstances change, sometimes it is the care workers who need help.

The Covid-19 Emergency Fund is a grant programme specifically designed to urgently help those carers in need due to the virus. We will receive a large number of applications for help in the coming weeks and require extra funds to help with the increased demand. Any help you can give will go a long way. This is not going to be an easy journey, but together we can make it.