Addressing the Gaps in Government’s Spring Budget Statement: A Call for Equitable Funding for Health and Social Care

The Care Workers’ Charity responds to the recent Spring Budget Statement, reminding the government of the interconnectedness of health and social care sectors and the urgent need for equitable investment across both. 

While the announced £3.4 billion to fully fund the NHS productivity plan and the £2.5 billion allocation to the NHS in England for 2024-25 are positive steps towards improving performance and reducing waiting times within the healthcare system, it is imperative to acknowledge that health and social care services rely on each other to provide holistic and joined-up care to those in need, and both need to be adequately funded. 

We note with concern the lack of key announcements and funding commitments specifically targeting social care in the Spring Budget Statement. While investments in maternity safety and other healthcare initiatives are undoubtedly beneficial, they should not overshadow the unique role of social care within the broader healthcare landscape. The social care workforce deserves to be considered, supported and funded as a priority. 

Karolina Gerlich, CEO, says “The Care Workers’ Charity urges the government to address the substantial funding gap in adult social care, as highlighted by estimates from the Health Care Foundation. The projected need for £8.4 billion by 2024/25 and £18.4 billion by 2032/33 underscores the necessity of a comprehensive, long-term solution to ensure the sustainability and quality of social care services”. 

While we were pleased that the much-anticipated drop in public spending did not come to pass, simply maintaining the current funding level falls short of adequately addressing the growing demands of both health and social care. 

As we advocate for comprehensive reforms, The Care Workers’ Charity emphasises the importance of acknowledging, valuing, and meeting the distinct needs of both health and social care sectors. We are eager to collaborate with policymakers and stakeholders to ensure that the care workforce is valued and well supported, and all individuals receive the high-quality and inclusive care they deserve. 

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