Covid-19 Funeral Grant Fund

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Covid-19 Emergency Fund

The Care Workers' Charity COVID-19 Grant Fund aims to provide emergency funding for individuals who are currently employed in a role that is involved in or supports the provision of adult, elderly or disability care. These may include residential social care, domiciliary/home care, supported living care.

The Care Workers Charity is currently offering the following grants:
  • ISOLATION AND SHIELDING GRANTS - If you have taken one, two or more weeks off work since the 1st January 2022, due to Covid-19 for either illness, self-isolation, or shielding

  • FUNERAL COST GRANT - If you are a care worker who is responsible for paying the funeral costs of a next of kin (partner, parent, sibling, child, or other on a case-by-case basis) OR if you are the next of kin for a care worker who has passed on from COVID—19.

  • CHILD CARE COST GRANT- We are providing grants to contribute to the additional Child Care costs incurred as a result of the pandemic. Please note that we are unable to award grants to applicants who are unable to evidence the link between the increased childcare costs with the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • OTHER COST GRANT- A grant to contribute to COVID-19 Related Emergency Repairs. This can include car repairs, household /white goods purchase, and house repairs. Please note that we are unable to award grants to applicants who are unable to evidence the link between the need for the other cost and the COVID-19 pandemic.


 You are not eligible for a grant; 

  • If you are receipt of financial support from your employer, other than SSP. ( this includes, furlough, infection control funds, social  care support funds and full pay) 

  • If you are isolating as a result of travelling to a country on the quarantine list

  • If you are employed as a Registered Nurse OR employed by an NHS organisation OR employed directly by a local authority

  • If you have already received a grant from us - COVID-19 Emergency Grants are limited to one grant per applicant within 12 months


Care Worker Applicant Information

Employment Information


Information gathered in this section will not affect your application.  It is taken for demographic reporting only.  It is not accessible to the assessors considering applications.

If you’re not sure how to answer, use the sex registered on your official documents, such as passport or driving licence, or whichever answer best describes your sex.

This information is used to monitor equality between groups of people of different sexes. Equality monitoring helps make sure that everyone is treated fairly.

Grant Request

If you are applying for a grant because you are self-isolating we require one of the following:
- A text from NHS 111 that confirms a positive test result
 - Documentation from other medical professional ( e.g. fit notes, a letter from a GP)

If you are applying for a grant because you are shielding for up to 12 weeks, please upload the NHS letter to evidence the same.

If you are unable to obtain a self-isolation note, we also accept any of the following, based on your circumstances;

·       A signed letter from your employer on a Company Letterhead, that states the length of self-isolation from work


·       An SSP form that states time off work


·       An NHS shielding letter (for up to 12 weeks of shielding)

Please note, that we deal with each application on a case-by-case basis and till funds last. 

Funeral Costs

Childcare Costs
You can apply for a contribution to additional Child Care costs incurred as a result of the pandemic. Examples of cases that demonstrate incurred costs, include having to rely on paid Child Care, due to family members who are regular carers being unable to look after the child/children or having to use paid child care that is further away or more expensive, due to the unavailability of your childcare arrangements prior to the pandemic.

In order to apply, we require the following evidence- 

A. Letter from your current employer: This needs to evidence that the applicant is currently in paid employment and why you have been experiencing additional childcare costs, due to the pandemic.

B. Receipts or invoices from the Child Care provider: Please submit invoices from prior to the pandemic, in addition to during the pandemic. This will give us an indication of the incurred costs from the pandemic

C. Any further evidence that can support your application: This can include emails and letters from the Child Care provider, A letter of support from a government agency or A doctors note/shielding letter for the family member/friend who was previously responsible for childcare.

Permission to Contact Employer

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