Writing Competition Winners Announced

We’re finally able to share the winners from our Writing Competition.

Our 1st prize winning poem. Winning £500 (kindly donated by Towergate Insurance) and poem printed in Care Home Life Magazine– Coronavirus poem, by Elizabeth Lowdell.

Why do we have this sickness that is sweeping through the globe?

What’s happening we wonder as we all become enrobed?

Perhaps you can consider this whilst we’re all locked away,

And the society we’re used to has so changed from yesterday…

Did you all appreciate the beauty in your lives?

Appreciate your parents and your husbands and your wives?

Did you give your children love and nurture that they need?

Were you wrapped up in consumerism, wanting it all and greed?

Have you ever stopped and marvelled at the blueness of the sky?

Have you listened to waves crashing and the seagulls as they cry?

Have you ever noticed the magnificence of trees?

Have you heard birds singing and the humming of the bees?

Have you smiled at strangers as you pass them in the street?

Did you look around you or just straight down at your feet?

Did you check on neighbours and share kind words every day?

Or just go about your business, always rush rush rush away?

Did you work and contribute to the standards that we live?

Or take no responsibility because you’re not prepared to give?

Did you march and protest or conduct yourself with peace?

Is resolution through fighting or should this finally cease?

Nature is now saying that enough is now enough…

I’m going to take over, if you don’t like it that’s tough!

I’m going to make you all stand still, give lessons that you need –

Stop wanting wanting wanting, stop being consumed by greed.

Stop cruelty, stop pollution, stop fighting and stop war…

Stop killing, abuse, committing crimes, behave not like before…

Appreciate friends and family, spend time and talk and play,

Use the words ‘I love you’, have a huggle every day.

Give care to those less fortunate, give love to those in need…

Give back to our society, do daily a good deed…

No one should be homeless or feel they’re all alone,

Be caring and giving every day. APPRECIATE, don’t moan.

Stop and smell the roses, see the flowers, see the trees…

Appreciate the animals, butterflies, birds and bees…

Look in wonder at the sky, the vast expanse of blue,

Stop and stare at oceans, hear the sounds – amazing too!

The virus is sweeping through our world with lessons for us all…

We must all make the changes with this massive wake-up call…

And hopefully when time has passed, disease is left behind,

The biggest lesson we have learned is we must all BE KIND!

Elizabeth Lowdell


Our 2nd Prize winning £250 (kindly donated by Renray Healthcare) is Health and Well-Being such a quick thing to say by Tracey Ferguson,

Health and wellbeing such a quick thing to say

But do we really understand how important a role it plays

To the people we support day after day

We are the laughter , we are the tears we are the listening ears

The shoulder to cry on the arm to grab

We are the one who makes sure that everyone hears ……your hopes and fears

We make sure you are supported , protected and cared for

Make sure you have had your lunch and tea , made just he way you like it

Checking that you have had your medication on time

That your feeling ok , really ok and not just putting on a brave face

We watch as your heath declines , helpless to stop the progression

Providing love and care and being there for you

Washing your face , holding your hand , only a career will understand

The pain of watching someone they support , slowly slip away

Taking comfort in knowing that they made you feel safe and secure till the very last day .


And our 3rd prize also winning £250 (kindly donated by Care Home Life) goes to – Alzheimer’s Story by Jon Bruce.

‘I need to spit!’

‘Use one of the tissues prepared for you, darling.’

‘I wish I could stop croaking, I’m like a frog. What’s happening now?’

‘Peter will be here soon and you can talk to him while I go shopping.’

‘Where are you going?’

‘Into town to your favourite supermarket. And maybe to the bank if I have time.’

‘Is that someone at the door?’

‘It will be Peter, I’ll let him in.’

‘Hello Gordon – how are you?’

‘I’m croaking like a frog. (Clears throat loudly) I need to spit. It is an awful noise I make. Too much smoking when I was younger. Do you croak?’

‘No, not very often.’

‘Where’s Joyce? Has she gone?’

‘She is in the kitchen organising herself to go shopping’

‘Shopping, shopping, shopping, shopping, hear the pennies fall. Every one for Jesus, He shall have them all! Although what he’d do with them I don’t know. What does it say on your bag?’

‘Home Instead.’

‘Instead of what?’

‘We try to help people live well at home, ‘instead’ of anywhere else.’

‘Anywhere? For your smile, everywhere I see. I know that I’d go anywhere, for your smile anywhere….Go to Timbuktu – and back again! Have you been to Timbuktu? Where’s Joyce?’

‘Look, I think she is reversing the car out of the garage.’

‘I hope she’s careful. I used to go shopping but I don’t now. I used to drive but I never really liked it. Now I can hardly get out of my chair without being out of breath.

Do you get out of breath?’

‘Every Saturday at 9am when I do the Parkrun.’

‘You must be mad! An old man like you, running!’

‘I’m not 60 yet! Did you used to run?’

‘I did Cross Country at school. I used to stop for a ciggie half way round. I need to spit. I’m croaking like a frog.’

‘There’s a pile of tissues in front of you.’

‘Where? I can’t see very well. Let me clean my glasses.’

‘Can I clean those for you Gordon? I’m not sure the bottom of your sweater will be very good for your lenses.’

‘Sweater?! It’s a pullover. That’s what the Americans would say – ‘sweater’. Use proper English!’

‘Can’t I use either word?’

‘EITHER! Not ‘eether’ – speak correctly! We’re in England, not America!’

‘Have you been to America, Gordon?’

‘No! And I don’t want to go!’

‘Where have you been – which countries?’

‘Austria, Belgium, Germany, France, Switzerland, Croatia. I lived in Ghana for 3 years teaching teachers how to teach! Where’s Joyce?’

‘She’s gone shopping, Gordon. Usually, she comes back by half past four.’

‘Where is she shopping?’

‘The usual supermarket, I think. Would you like to see some photos of fungi? A friend of mine walks her dog in a park on the east side of town and sends me pictures of fungi because she knows you are interested in mycology.’

‘Well, that is kind. Hold it closer, I can’t see it clearly. Let me clean my glasses.’

‘Who gave you that pottery model of the fly agaric in your display cabinet?’

‘You mean ‘Amanita muscaria’. I can’t remember. Someone who was in my Mycology Group, I think. When is Joyce coming back?’

‘Half past four, usually.’

‘Where is she going?’

‘I think she was going to the pharmacy to get…’

‘Chemist! We’re not in America, going to the pharmacy!’

‘Then to the supermarket, then the bank to deposit that fat premium bond cheque you won.’

‘Ha! Ha! How much is it for?’

I’m not sure but enough to buy you some proper glasses cleaning solution and cloths!’

‘Will she be back soon?’

‘I know it looks like it’s dusk outside now, but we lose our daylight hours very early in the winter. It is only 3.40pm. She will be back by 4.30pm all being well.’

‘I get anxious when she’s not back. Is it human to be anxious?’

‘English people feel anxious, I think Americans do too! Shall I put the kettle on? Would you like a cup of tea?’

‘Put the kettle on what?’

‘On the base, through which the electricity runs to heat the water, Gordon!’

‘You do that. Can we have a biscuit too?’

‘I will see what Joyce has left out for us. While I do that, would you have a look at these large pictures I’ve brought from an old calendar? I know you know some of the Lake District towns and waters. See if you recognise any.’

‘Let me clean my glasses. I can’t see very well. I need to spit. Is Joyce back yet?’

                                           (Peter takes a deep breath and goes into the kitchen to make refreshing cups of tea.)


All winners have been contacted and prizes sent off. HUGE Thanks to everyone who entered, and our amazing judges Towergate Insurance, Renray Healthcare Ltd and Care Home Life