Why Care Workers’ Need Insurance by Surewise

Care workers do an invaluable and extremely challenging job. While it has its rewards, it has its risks too. If something happens to you, the person you are providing care for, or a member of the public, having care workers insurance in place can at least protect you financially from any legal repercussions, providing a safety net against the day-to-day risks
you take on in your role.


If you’re a self-employed care worker, this article aims to provide a little more information on exactly what care workers insurance is for and why it might be an item seriously worth considering to protect you, your clients, and your business.

What does care workers insurance tend to cover?

Although the details of each insurer and their policies will differ, you can expect the standard
coverage to include:

Public Liability

● Covering accidental injury to any person
● Loss or damage to property

Loss of Property

● Covering personal belongings at work up a certain amount
● Personal or user’s belongings as a result of a robbery
● Replacement of keys & locks
● Damage to the user’s property by forced access caused by a medical emergency

Personal Accident

● Includes overnight Hospital stay for care workers due to bodily injury
● Permanent total or partial disablement
● Bodily injury, including accidental death

Legal Expenses

● Legal Defence and costs in case of allegations of negligence or abuse.

Why might I need care workers insurance?

Care workers insurance provides financial cover in the event of an injury to you or anyone else in relation to your work, such as the person you care for or a member of the public. If you were taken to court over the injury of a third party while operating within your role as a care worker, for example, you might need care workers insurance to help you with the legal
expenses and other related costs for this.

Surewise, for example, provide up to £5 million worth of public liability insurance with our policies, which covers accidental injury to any person, loss or damage of property, and even overseas cover for up to 90 days.

Frequently Asked Questions about care workers insurance:

Are my personal belongings covered if I lose them at work?
Yes, any loss of your belongings at work are covered; although, when this is due to
malicious actions such as theft, there is duty of care to inform the police as soon as possible.

Is any accidental damage to my client’s property covered?
Yes, this comes under the public liability aspect of our care workers insurance.
Am I covered if I get injured at work?
Self-employed care workers insurance typically includes personal accident cover. This includes any overnight hospital stays that result from injuries sustained at work.

Am I covered if I accidentally injure my client?
Yes, care workers Insurance policy covers accidental injury to the person receiving the care.

Do I need any qualifications or training to take out this policy?
Many insurers will only insure formally-trained care workers (and you may be required to produce evidence of this training or qualification as part of your application).

Am I covered if I accidentally give my client the incorrect medication?
Assuming you have received appropriate training or have the relevant qualifications to administer medications. In the event of a claim, you will need to provide evidence of this..

Am I covered if my client is going to sue me?
Yes. Self-employed care worker insurance policies usually include some form of Carers Legal Protection. This covers your Legal Defence and costs in defending yourself against any allegations of negligence or abuse.

As you can see, care workers insurance offers protection and peace-of-mind, that allow the carer to concentrate on what they do best- providing vital care for someone unable to otherwise care for themselves.

The greatest job in the world.