Five 2024 predictions for health and social care providers in 2024 from Florence


Dr. Charles Armitage co-founded Florence in 2016. After a challenging 2023 in care, he predicts turbulence ahead for leaders…

We’re closing out another rocky year in the UK’s health and social care sector.

After three years dominated by Covid, 2023 has been the start of the rebuild. So what will 2024 bring for health and social care providers across the country?

To answer, here are my five predictions for 2024.

Title: 5 predictions for health and social care in 2024 by Dr Charles Armitage, Florence’s co-founder & CEO

1. Demand for care will continue to outstrip our sector’s capacity

2. International recruitment will slow

3. A new Labour government will continue in the Conservatives’ footsteps

4. Tax increases will fund care

5. Care providers will tackle staffing challenges with up-skilling and technology

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