Please make sure you can check all of these points off in your head before you consider submitting an application for a grant. If you do not satisfy the full criteria we will not be able to progress your application. Please also note that we are limiting grant awards to £500, and £250 if the grant is to cover essential living costs.

We currently need between 2-4 weeks to properly assess your application so if your need is extremely urgent then please contact us before applying.


You work or have worked within the UK Care Profession

(in a registered Domiciliary, Residential Care, Day Centre, or Supported Living service, as defined by CQC, CSSIW or SCRC)

Anyone in any role employed with one of these registered providers is eligible including care staff, cleaners, back office, catering, and managers.

You have worked in care during one of the following four time frames:

  • One year’s continuous service if currently employed as above, or
  • Three years' continuous service in the last five years if no longer employed, or
  • Six years' continuous service in the last 10 years if no longer employed, or
  • Over 10 years in their total working lifetime

You have registered with the Turn2Us website and

  • Completed and saved a calculation report using the Turn2us Benefits Checker.  (You may find financial help through claiming benefits. This free and easy-to-use calculator can help you check what you might be entitled to.)
  • Completed a Turn2Us Grants Search and report. (You may find financial and other support from different grant providing funds, based on your circumstances and needs)
  • Both these tools can be accessed on the Find Benefits and Grants page of the Turn2Us website.

You're applying for a grant to meet the financial impact of one or more of the following 5 circumstances:

  1. If someone close to you died within the last 9 months (we will want to know who is it and how has it affected you)
  2. If you experienced a sudden or unexpected illness or injury within the last 6 months (we will need you to provide evidence or confirmation of diagnosis and the impact on you)
  3. If you had a sudden or unexpected loss of income within the last 6 months (we will need you to explain what financial impact this has had on you)
  4. If you had to deal with a sudden or unexpected change in living circumstances or loss of home within the last 3 months (We will need you to describe what has changed and how it has affected you)
  5. If you faced a recent relationship breakdown and/or domestic abuse within the last 12 months (We will need you to provide more detail about what has happened and how it has affected you and your family financially)

In addition, we will want to know what is going to help you most to meet your needs, what the payment will be towards and why, the amount, who it is payable to, and the payee’s details.


Your application is supported in writing/email

A statement from your advisor or supporter confirming what support you need, how your needs have arisen, and what difference support from the Care Workers Charity will make

You have proof of employment

Proof of your employers and periods of employment as a care worker (such as a letter from your employer confirming length of service, or P60’s)


You have confirmation of all your household income and savings

3 x full monthly bank statements for all accounts; salary, pension or benefits notifications if not evidenced on bank statements

Before completing the application form either online or on paper, please make sure you meet our criteria and have read our Guidance for Applicants.

To complete the grant application form online click here

To download a paper version of the form click here