Pete and his wife have worked in the care sector for over 10 years as support workers, and have been part of organisations including Community Integrated Care and Four Seasons Care Group. With numerous health issues and mounting debts, the family approached The Care Workers Charity (CWC) to help with the cost of new beds and bedding for their children and new born baby.


How did you get involved with The Care Workers Charity?

“CWC’s website popped up on my staff computer while on an afternoon shift at work and at a time of financial difficulty as a family. I clicked on the link, viewed the contents and sent an enquiry message about my family circumstance and the need for some support”


Has your life improved and do you feel you have got to a better place by receiving support?

“Following a successful outcome of the application, things have positively changed especially for our children. To them, it was like a promise made and fulfilled… It would never have been possible without the involvement of the CWC.”


Where would you be if you hadn’t received support?

“We would have been worried still and uncertain about the future if we hadn't accessed the CWC. We knew that remaining silent and wallowing in a complicated difficult situation could be a time bomb for family separation and long term poverty.”


What advice would you give to someone who was looking for similar support?

“I would tell the person to take the first step to find support – speak out now, don’t wait. Procrastination or remaining silent will not help. Consult the Citizens Advice (CAB) and reliable charities like the CWC for assessment of your circumstance whether you meet the requirements or not. Take that first step now at least for the sake of your family.”


Is there anything else you would like to say?

“Receiving support from the CWC was never a right but a privileged support. Being patient and responding to requests were helpful. Being grateful and showing it are also important especially to potential frontline care workers who are also struggling to overcome challenges or money issues. Things have never been the same since the arrival of the children’s bunk beds and accessories. Our baby now thinks her little bed is her 'own bedroom' as she sleeps longer both daytime and at night. The older children now see bedtime as happy time.”


Our support will not stop there. We will keep a close eye on Pete and family, and where possible help with their plans for self-sufficiency. We wish the children many happy bed times and look forward to keeping in touch as they grow up.