Monique works as a CAREGiver for Home Instead Senior Care, and has been working in care for over 3 years and really loves her job. She had experienced a little of what being a care worker is like as she cared for her Grandfather and found she was a bit of a natural and thought she could carve herself a career in care. 

We hope you enjoy reading it as much as we did!

A Blizzard Couldn't Keep Me Away 

The silence is cut by a knock at the door, 
Round pops a head, and greets me, "Hello, Mrs Moore".
I recognise that face, but I forget what your name could be, 
Though I know this isn't the first time you've popped by to see me.

You say it's taken a little longer for you to arrive, 
Winter's set in and the snow's made for a treacherous drive.
The flurry came in heavy and your car got stuck in a ditch,
So you had to walk the last mile over that old suspension bridge.

You make a hot drink to stop me from quivering, 
But it's you, with blue fingers who's cold and who's shivering. 
You hand me some presents full of glitter and snowmen,
And my eyes well up at the date written in silver upon them.

My mind gets all muddled as I search for the words to say, 
I'm glad you're here with me, on my favourite holiday.
We decorate the tree that's been collecting dust in the loft,
I haven't been able to get it down since my joints have gotten soft. 

Now there're Christmas tunes playing and you put on the fire, another log, 
And I watch the worsening weather, and sip at your "famous" eggnog.
Your family's carving the turkey, wishing you were home, 
But you're out here with me, making sure I'm not left all alone. 

We sit on the sofa because you won't be leaving for a while, 
As the snow fall heavier and lands on the road in a fluffy great pile. 
I'm so sorry you're working on this celebrated day, 
You shake your head and insist, "A blizzard couldn't keep me away". 

So I smile at your unwavering compassion and take you by the hand, 
To show you how grateful I am, and I hope you understand. 
Sometimes I forget to say it, and other times I don't know how to, 
But for all that you do for me, I'd like to say: thank you. 

By TM Turner