care worker writing competition

At The Care Workers Charity, we like to share stories from our community.

As such, we run writing competitions for care workers to submit entries about their daily lives and celebrate the passion of staff who routinely go the extra mile.

After all, everyone can remember special moments in their work and we love to hear them!

Our next competition will be in 2019, email [email protected] if you would like to be notified when we are accepting entries. 

Writing Competition Examples

For added inspiration, we have included some of the entries from our last writing competition below.

If you're new to care or thinking about a career change, these accounts may provide inspiration for what's to come. If you're an experienced hand, you may find yourself nodding along in agreement at some shared experiences. 

These stories demonstrate the true passion and dedication of the care community and its positive impact on those in need.


Previous Winners

Andrew Edwards Home Instead Senior Care, Southport

The new direction that changed my life

It was the breakthrough moment I will never forget.

My client had had difficult night, which had turned into an even more difficult morning.

Disorientated, upset and confused, he didn’t know where he was, whether it was day or night, or where his wife was.

He certainly didn’t remember who I was as I found him stood alongside his bed in his pyjamas as I arrived to support him in getting up and about for the day.

Yet 15 minutes later we were laughing together, he was re-assured and I heard the words you never forget as a carer – ‘Thank you, you’re a star.’

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My Story - Isabel Towey 

My Client is a 97 year old lady who I have been caring for at the weekend for almost 9 months now. She has quite advanced vascular dementia which seems to have stayed about the same since I’ve known her.

She has a live-in carer and my role is to give the carer a 2 hour break on a Saturday and Sunday between 1pm and 3pm.

For the first few weeks I kept her company in her own house until her daughter gave me the confidence to take her out in the car and stop at beautiful spots such as Meadfoot beach, Paignton beach and Broadsands for an ice-cream and chat.

My Client has a brilliant routine of getting into and out of the car with the help of a zimmer frame and car handle attachment. [brilliant invention] All I need to do is shadow her and encourage her to walk slowly to the car and this is done without me physically supporting her. I’m pleased to say she has never had a fall!

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holmes care groupPrevious Entries

Wish I'd Done it Sooner!

I was in admin since I left school (17 years) when I decided I needed a change. My mum had worked in care for 10 years before she had to give it up for health issues and she always talked about the feeling you got at the end of a work day when you felt you had helped people. I decided that was what I wanted to do and applied to Craigielea Care Centre, part of Holmes Care Group in January 2017.


I have now been in caring for a year and I wish I had went into this profession sooner as I love every minute of it. I would urge anyone who is thinking of caring as a career to do it as soon as possible.


Tomorrow May Never Come

28th of August 2012 was any normal day at work for me, school for my two young kids and work for my two oldest sons. They left every morning together to their workplace, as brothers. ‘See you tonight mum,’ David shouted, ‘love you.’

Callum was quiet that morning, something seemed different with his nature. I shouted ‘bye, I love you.’ I then took the kids to school and went into my workplace.

I did 9-5 in a huge restaurant as a waitress, I had for 7 years. I will always remember this day it was good, beautiful and sunny. I enjoyed my job working with the public, building up a bond with all my community and regulars. I was a well known part of the team at the Wheelhouse.

That day it was extremely busy. It was nearly 5 o’clock, I was sorting out my last bits and pieces, before the end of my shift in the back corridor. My husband then appeared behind me holding my little girl Ciarra.

‘Elaine, you need to come back into staff room.’ My little girl was crying, my husband was shaken. ‘There's been an accident, Callum called, it's David.’


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