How to Raise Money for a Charity Challenge Event

Raising money for a challenge event can be intimidating and for most people it will be the most money they ever raise for a charity. Don’t know where to start? Do not fear - here are tried and tested top 5 fundraising ideas for raising money in a busy 2019. Read more


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Winter Tips for Care Assistants

The winter months can be difficult for a lot of us, especially those working in care. Regardless of the weather conditions, customers still require care and it is the responsibility of care assistants to ensure they get the support they need, when they need it. Carrying out a busy day of calls can be extremely challenging in the colder months, but there are some helpful precautions you can take to make sure you are well prepared. Read more

CWC Partner Resources

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Snowdon at Night Challenge

Last year almost 90 participants completed our Yorkshire Three Peaks Challenge raising over £35,000. Help raise essential funds for The Care Workers Charity by joining this year's walking challenge! Read more

Sky's the limit

We are delighted to share an inspiring story submitted to our writing competition by Sue Ann Balcombe. Sue Ann is the General Manager at the Priscilla Wakefield House care home. Thank you for sharing your incredible story, Sue Ann! Read more

Kate and Vincent's Story

Kate's son Vincent, who has autism, needed a safe space to play at home. After applying for a Disabled Facilities Grant and being awarded a CWC grant, Kate can make her garden safe for Vincent to enjoy water games and trampolining. Read more

Our Greatest Asset and Most Fragile Force

In this guest post, Dr Donald Macaskill, CEO of Scottish Care, examines the role of care staff and the critical part they play within the industry and community at large. Read more


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10 Ways That Technology Can Help You Deliver Better Care

Mobile phones are magical. Not only can we do our weekly shop, but also navigate around busy cities, pay our taxes and send messages across the world! And while many industries have been reborn using such wizardry, social care has yet to catch up with the level of technology currently available. Read more