The rainy day fund for everyday heroes, supporting the welfare of those that care.


Fundraising Ideas

Table Top Sale – Something unwanted by someone is often another’s treasure! Why not organise a garage sale? You can spring clean your home and offload unwanted presents/items whilst making money for your chosen charity.

Sponsored Silence -Get your friends, family and work colleagues to sponsor you to remain silent for the entire day. A free and simple way to fundraise!

Sweet Sale - Use the power of the sweet tooth to raise funds. Setting up a sweet shop as a fundraiser has minimal overheads and requires little planning. It is also worth speaking to local shops to see if they will donate some sweets for the cause.

Charity Race Night -A charity race night is an exciting and fun way to raise money and can be organised on a budget. Buy a DVD with races on, which you then project on to a large screen for people to hedge their bets. Make money from charging an admissions fee and raise cash by becoming the bookie for the evening and keeping a percentage of the takings.

Slave Auction - Much like a conventional auction, people bid to have a slave for the day. The highest bidder wins, the slaves are auctioned off for various tasks such as making drinks all day,  ironing, cooking etc, the sky's the limit.

Sweets/10p's in a Jar - A quick and easy fundraiser, simply fill up a jar with sweets or 10p coins (remember to count how many you put in) and charge people a small fee to guess how many there are. The person who gets closest to the figure by the end of the contest wins the lot!

Talent Show - Why not encourage budding thespians, musicians and all round entertainers to strut their stuff in aid of charity. Each participant pays a small fee to enter the competition with the winner receiving a donated gift. If you want to raise even more cash for charity then you could charge an entry fee for spectators.

Charity Film Night - This is a quick and easy fundraiser which doesn't require too much organisation. Simply invite your friends and family over to watch the latest blockbuster in return for a donation to your chosen charity.